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YogaCo was established out of a combined love for, fitness, yoga and peace of mind, as well as a quest for overall happiness and all that that means.


We have a strong focus on Yoga for Sports People, be it anyone from Runners, CrossFitters, Cyclists, Fighters and Olympic Weightlifters. All our instructors are not only Yogis but have strong sports backgrounds in everything from Callisthetics, CrossFit, Hockey and Running…. With this experience comes a great deal more understanding in so far as common limitations as well as advantages various athletes have. They are also well aware of the importance that a regular Yoga Practice can bring to other disciplines.  At Yoga.Co we have a strong focus on Yoga as a fitness, toning and slimming mechanism, and are seeing phenomenal results coming out of our Core Flow and YogaWod classes.  When combining the above physical benefits with traditional Yoga Practice or  consistent breathing and meditation practice, YogaCo aims to assist you in bringing balance, both in Body, Mind and Spirit.